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Hey there!  I'm shy when I first meet people, I like to observe. I more than likely will blush at least once point. But soon enough I'll be joking, making sarcastic remarks and being the loud mouth I am. I'm mostly an open book, if you want to know something, all you have to do is ask.

I'm an animal lover, even though I don't have any right now. Which is why I baby my friends pets when I see them. Karaoke is something I go to on a weekly basis. If you read that correctly you noticed I didn't say I sang at karaoke, haha. I will get up there every once in awhile. But rarely. Photography is my favorite thing and dream job. Cross your fingers with me. I'm an artsy person sometimes, I like doing crafty things.

This year I am trying to do new things. I tried Thai food for the first time. My friend said I must have my sushi-cherry popped. I'm not so sure on that one. I'm scared of heights and the group I hang out with wants to go skydiving. Sorry I just don't feel like jumping into the ground. Call me crazy! ;)

Random fact time:
1. I am easily distracted by bubble wrap & think whoever invented unpoppable bubble wrap has a special place in hell.
2. The answer is always 23...unless it's a words answer. Then it's pumpernickel.
3. I'm a cuddlewhore but need space at the same time. I don't know how that can be possible.
4. I'm pretty awesome at having paperball fights! Not to brag...
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